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           The province of Trapani is one of the most scenic areas of the whole island, it is characterized by a kind of rare beauty and the signs of human civilization dating back to prehistory, the ancient Greek time to more recent times with the tuna and the medieval towns still intact .

           But the province of Trapani is also characterized by a policy environment that has no equal in other Sicilian provinces, the first natural reserve established in Sicily, the beautiful and unspoilt "Reserve
  , gave impetus to the creation of other reserve in Sicily. 


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Thanks to this culture environment, together with the mild climate and the proximity of the sea, tourists can go trekking, visit reserves, hiking in all seasons of the year.


Case Colomba”, thanks to its location, allows tourists to reach within half an hour all the reserves of Trapani area and all those places where to do trekking in contact with unspoiled nature.

 We report below the main trekking routes that can be made, classified by type and degree of difficulty and the natural reserves exist in Trapani.


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