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       There are some areas of Trapani great for practice enjoyable and interesting excursions of mountain bike, thanks mainly to the presence, in a relatively circumscribed area, of archaeological sites, nature reserves and historic sites. Immersed in an untouched nature you will visit temples, vineyards, rural farms, mills, tuna, salt mines and castles.

       The best time to do these pleasant cycling routes is from April to December and from September to October. However, we selected six routes, which will allow you to appreciate and discover this enchanting corner of Sicily.

Free Mountain Bike for our guests :

1 ROUTE OF BAGLI - short itinerary About 15 km 
Departure from Case Colomba. Circular itinerary that starts from the Village Murfi, continues towards the castle Maurigi in the village of Ballata then goes to BaglioTangi  where you can enjoy a splendid panorama of Valderice, Egad Islands and the Saline of Trapani. Continue to Bombolone where there are the remains of industrial archeology of bombs factory. Returns to Piano Neve and from here you reach  Baglio Murfi that dominates the large valleys below.

2  Enogastronomic itinerary. Visits to wineries  Wine Fazio in Fulgatore km.8 +8

Route running from Case Colomba through the village  along Ballata between the wineyard,  olive groves and crops, the itinerary continues towards Fulgatore with the tour in  Fazio winery  and wine tasting. Continue to taste the Rianata ( a tipical pizza) in Fulgatore, to finish with  almond cakes of Erice and do not miss the legendary cannoli.  In Baglio Nuovo you can buy cheese directly in the factory.

3 Agro Busetano - short itinerary Route loop Km.9

From Case Colomba along the valley of Piano Neve  between farmers and a rural landscape . Then down until the village of Buseto, ethno-anthropological museum visit. Around the country, characterized by casegiardino in arabic style you can go looking for local products (oil, honey, Erice cakes, busiati) and objects of local crafts (ericini carpets, embroidery, work at disa( palm leaves). Return from Piano Neve with short ascent on Mount Murfi, breathtaking 360 ° views of the Gulf of Castellammare, Mount Cofano, Aegadian Islands, Erice, Marsala.

4 From Buseto to Segesta - long itinerary  Km.22 approximately +22

The route starts from Buseto Soprano and arrives at Segesta,  driving on a scenic road that passes from Bosco Scorace where there is a picnic area with barbeque and fountains, splendid view over Egadi, Mountain Grande and Mount Erice. Then through broad pastures reaches delightful village of Bruca. Finally
you arrive in the magnificent temple of Segesta.

5 From Piano Neve to Erice. Km.15 

From Case Colomba to Tangi  continue  crossing the bridge Mint  to , Chiesa Nuova, Crocci, Valderice, Milo arriving at the outskirts of Trapani, from here along the slopes of Mount Erice, you reach the cable car to Erice.

6 From Murfi to the reserve of Stagnone  Km.22 +22

From Case Colomba you go in the direction of Fulgatore (see route 2) and then after the bar Vultaggio follow the signs to the right to Mothia Marsala, the route runs through the vineyards between the wineyards for about 12 Km. then cross the highway and follow the signs to the  Mothia  island. Step by boat every half hour.


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